Ice cream is so mainstream, try whipped cream this time. When it comes to having a topping on my pumpkin pie bars, whipped cream is my first and foremost choice. Whipped topping will remain nothing more than your memory once you made your own whipped cream.
I suggest making whipped cream in a chilled metal bowl utilizing the chilled whisk connection. Since cream whips best when cool, the chilled bowl will give you the best outcomes by making the most volume from the cream.


  • 1 cup cold heavy whipping cream
  • 2 tablespoons sugar, honey, or maple syrup
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla or other flavorings or liquors

How to Make It

To make it, you’ll need only three fixings. You’ll require:

Substantial Whipping Cream:
I prefer to use heavy whipping cream vs. whipping cream as I find that it holds its shape longer and produces as creamier result. It also works well if you plan to pipe your whipped cream or to use to fill pastries.
You are able to choose your favorite sweetener to use. I generally use confectioner’s sugar or honey or maple syrup. Confectioner’s sugar provides the most classic and flavor neutral sweetener of this list.
The options for flavoring are endless! My go-to for classic whipped cream is to use vanilla extract. You can also flavor with liquors, other extracts, and spices.

Whipped cream

Start Cold:
You start by putting your blending bowl and whisk, (indeed, even those to your electric blender) in the cooler for around 20 minutes to get as cold as could be expected under the circumstances. You’ll additionally need to ensure that your overwhelming whipping cream is as cold as would be prudent, as well.

Go High:
Then, you pour all of your ingredients into your super chilled mixing bowl and whisk together on high speed for about a minute until stiff peaks form. And, you are done!

No fussing about with it, no testing. You’re done!